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Copenhagen Diamond Exchange is a premium diamond exchange headquartered in Copenhagen, founded by a team of professional investors and industry specialists.

Katerina Pitzner – CEO of Copenhagen Diamond Exchange
and owner at katerinapitzner.com.
A first-rate business sense and nerves of steel teamed with wide-ranging experience and technical expertise and education have made professional diamond dealer Katerina Pitzner a pivotal player on the international diamond stage. Katerina Pitzner deals directly on the world’s largest diamond exchanges and directly through professional polishers on behalf of both private clients and specialist investors.
She does business all over Europe and Asia and is an expert in the diamond market – both from an outside investor’s point of view and from an insider’s perspective in a closed market that is not in the habit of opening its doors to just anyone.

To establish herself as a player in the diamond market, with clients who include royalty and celebrities, Katerina Pitzner has applied her sound business acumen and a flair for matching her clients with exactly the right stone – both in its capacity of attractive consumer product and astute investment. Finding this perfect match is an art and there is no room for mistakes.

My Father’s Diamond

By Katerina Pitzner

More than 25 years ago, my father inspired me to become a diamond hunter. With his foresight and fortitude he was living proof that a diamond always makes a winner.

When I was 17 years old, I had no idea that a diamond could be considered an investment or even a form of financial insurance. But one day my father, Axel Pitzner, who was a respected – and feared – businessman, asked me: “Would you like to see something very precious?”

He seemed so serious that I didn’t dare do anything but nod. From his safety vault, which was hidden behind a painting in his home office, he took out a case with a 5.1-carat diamond set in a ring.

“Who’s it for?” I asked. “Nobody,” he answered. “This is my life insurance. If everything goes wrong then I’ll still have this.”

Luckily, things worked out quite well for my father. He had a broad investment portfolio that included both property and stocks. His mixed bag of business ventures extended into farm machinery and scaffolding – he even owned a car rental company. One of his great passions was jewellery and fine watches. And when as a long-standing loyal customer he was offered the opportunity to purchase Copenhagen’s exclusive Rolex dealer, the Klarlund jewellery store, he jumped right in.

More than 25 years have now passed since my father showed me his 5.1-carat River D internally flawless investment diamond, which would now retail for a price of one million US dollars! Since he bought the diamond its value has increased more than 450 percent – completely tax-free!

Back then, I had no idea that diamonds would one day become my future. But inspired by my father’s foresight and fortitude my job as an international diamond hunter is to help investors secure their family fortunes.



Katerina PitznerKaterina Pitzner
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